Our organisation consists out of a well-diversified and devoted team of Africans and non-Africans, all experienced in the field of agribusiness, project management and commercial & financial development.

Gerrit Valkenburg (Netherlands)
Managing Director

The founder of Cluster Farming is a constructional engineer and visionary entrepreneur with a vast Africa experience. His clear view on the development of new markets with a constant emphasis on the triple bottom line of sustainable management brought him to different parts of the world over the last 25 years. From the very beginning, Mr Valkenburg envisioned sustainable development with a strong business philosophy and strategy. The result will be a highly respected sustainable company, whose guiding principles are exceptional service, transparent communication, comprehensive development planning in agriculture and corporate social responsibility.


Maurice Valkenburg (Netherlands)
Supply Chain Manager

“The first time I saw the farm I was amazed and enthusiastic, and the idea caught me immediately: the creation and development of the first sustainable and biological farm in Ghana is an exciting challenge. For Cluster Farming water is more than a liquid, it is an essential element for fish processing, a common element between fish life and plants growth, moreover it is purified and reused in the production site for an eco-friendly approach. Therefore, Cluster Farming is like water, which in face of obstacles, does not give up, nor fights unnecessarily, but finds the road and outwits them. That is why I work here.”

Dr. Papa Arko Arkhurst (Ghana)

"I believe that a big part of the success of every country is the very diverse population and the diverse educational, health services, business, manufacturing, agriculture and industrial opportunities that are encouraged throughout the entire country.  My utmost desire to join Cluster Farming stems from the fact that Cluster Farming is championing the success in Ghana’s agricultural sector by facilitating farm expansions through the environmental services cooperatively and recognizing the overall positive economic impact, along with the value of feeding our country. The further one wants to look into the future the more one needs to look at the past.  Agriculture always was and always will be a very important part of Ghana’s economic success and Cluster Farming is determined to be its largest promoter and therefore I am proud to be part of the Cluster Farming team."

Dominic Amissah (Ghana)
BSc in Agricluture Engineering
Management Assistant

"I think the Managing Director has made very clear that the main objective, which is ours as well, is to preserve this magnificent company that's been built over the last years and ensure that it will become the best sustainable development company in Ghana. Our company develops a revolution in agriculture; “Cluster Farming”, a relevant and highly effective system to produce a wide range of sustainable food stuffs and livestock. I am honoured to serve in the ranks of the great men and women who willingly serve the company."