The Farm

Cluster Farming focuses on the agriculture / aquaculture value chain as a whole. Our major goal is to improve these value chains in Ghana and to make farming more attractive and accessible for local farmer families. With the launch of a sustainable Hub Farm on 63 acres in Ekumfi Ekrawfo, Ghana a successful company has been created. The Hub Farm consists of a catfish hatchery and RAS grow out ponds. A fish processing facility, but also a chick hatchery and storage facilities for animal feed are under construction.  It is our goal to create a farmers cooperation where we will train, counsel and assist the Satellite farmers with the production of quality products. This will result in a larger availability of highly nutritional protein at competitive prices for the domestic market.

Our partners


Ministry of Food and Agriculture One District One Factory PUM Embassy of The Netherlands University of Cape Coast UCC
Ekumfi District Assembly Fisheries Commission Ghana Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana Blue Food Partnership Ghana Initiative Women in Poultry Value Chain - APEX
Association of Ghana Industries