What is Cluster Farming?

Cluster Farming creates real profit by merging several smallholder farms = Satellites attached to the a mother farm = Hub farm, to a solid entrepreneurial group = Cluster, which is capable to share both the benefits as the burden.

The Hub farm is a mixed farm and consists of a catfish hatchery and catfish breeding ponds, a hatchery for day old chicks (layers) and a production station for animal feed. The Hub farm acts as a supplier of catfish fingerlings and juveniles, day old chicks, feed, veterinary care, etc. in this Cluster. The young animals are grown at the Hub farm and the Satellite farms will then grow these animals to consumption product. In addition, the Hub farm will execute the sales and distribution of these consumption products for the Satellite farms, so that the farmers families can reach a larger sales area in Ghana and for the future in de surrounding ECOWAS countries.

Staff at Hub farm
The Hub farm accompanies the farmer families - wife and man, for a period of 5 years in all facets necessary to run their farm successfully in order to promote their independence. Our goal is to provide a large accessibility to home-grown agricultural products. More available and affordable products for the local market are important elements to achieve positive results. We believe that this is the best guarantee of employment, economic growth and misery reduction in Ghana and the rest of Africa.