Hatchery and fish breeding

The farm holds its own hatchery for the production of catfish fry and the breeding of fingerlings and juveniles. The current hatchery capacity is 2,000,000 catfish and we are now expanding the capacity to an annual total of 5,000,000. Next to this we are able to grow up to 850,000 table size catfish in our own breeding ponds.

At this moment the Ekrawfo Hub farm holds one of the largest breeding facilities in Ghana. High standard techniques, state of the art installations and off course quality parent brood stock ensuring fast growing fingerlings.

catfish hatching
Selection of catfish
Catfish hatching
Nurserypond catfish

Cluster Farming has the knowledge and experience to hatch new breed varieties meeting the local and Pan African demand for quality and reducing the pressure on natural marine and local fish populations.

It is expected that our training facilities will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2020, so that we can educate Satellite farmers in the best possible ways.