Poultry pricelist November 2022

** due to the ongoing depreciation of the Ghana cedi, prices need to be calculated on a daily basis. Our sincere apologies for this.

In addition to our own upcoming production at the farm in Ekrawfo, we import and sell high quality day old chicks to the Ghanaian poultry sector. All day old chicks come from renowned hatcheries in Holland.

All day old chicks are vaccinated direct after hatching against all common diseases and come with a certificate of origin and health certificate from the Dutch FDA veterinary.

We produce and import the NOVOgen Brown and NOVOgen White layer breed, which has been tried, tested and passed in Ghana and is amongst the best breeds for the domestic poultry sector with excellent egg production.

For the broiler day olds, we produce and import ROSS, a fast growing breed with an excellent Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

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We take orders in multitudes of full chick transport crates. Payments need to be done in full at order.

For placing your order or more information you can contact Monique Ahoua Akissi at 024 671 5965 or via email at poultry@clusterfarming.org