Poultry Hatchery
chick hatchery Cluster Farming Ekrawfo

It is our goal to make available high quality day old chicks (d.o.c.), both broiler and layers to the Ghanaian poultry market. With fertile breeding eggs of good genotypic and phenotypic characteristics from well-structured breeding farms from the Netherlands, we are 100% sure of the quality of the d.o.c’s we use as input material. Our current hatchery capacity is 450,000 day old chicks annually and in the second quarter of 2018 we will expand this capacity to a total of 1,200,000 d.o.c's.

Our goal is in line with the government of Ghana’s “One District One Factory” policy which aims at providing jobs for the local population through production in Ghana and therefore increasing the quality of their livelihoods.
chicks hactching
Current status of Ghana's poultry industry
The Ghanaian poultry market is currently booming, about 80% of all d.o.c’s used by most poultry farmers are imported from the Netherlands. This indicates that, there’s a ready market for d.o.c’s in Ghana. The issue with the locally produced chicks is with the quality of birds that comes out, Cluster Farming focuses on producing a product without any constraint to the quality and at an affordable price and better business terms to enable all levels of poultry farmers to rely on us for their needs.