Catfish Marketing Team

One of Cluster Farming's main concerns is to produce quality, healthy and nutritious African Catfish under strict hygienic conditions. We produce fingerlings, juveniles and are currently into the production of table size catfish that comes with a laid out strategy to involve local Satellite farmers who will buy our catfish at fingerling or juvenile stage, and grow them to table size (assured technical support).

As of the third quarter of 2020 we will start with the construction of our own processing and freezing facilities. Completion of this processing plant is foreseen in the fourth quarter of 2020. At this time we will have the possibility to buy the table size catfish back from our Satellite farmers at reasonable market price, so that we can market them in frozen packs to cold stores, hotels and for the export market.

This we believe will create jobs for local farmers and also take the burden of searching for off takers, and ultimately contributes to the improvement of livelihoods in Ghana.

Order your catfish

Cluster farming uses a special numbering system to identify its clients, therefore new clients are to contact us on +233 (0)54 916 2799 or +233 (0)55 069 9960 or through the contact form to be properly enrolled on our system. Customers must obtain a unique client number before an order can be confirmed.

Catfish (Clarias Griepinus) pricelist 2020


not less than 3 gr., but not exceeding 5 gr.

0.80 GH

per piece


not less than 8 gr. but not exceeding 10 gr.

1.40 GH

per piece

The above mentioned prices are based on a minimum supply of 1,000 pieces. Orders under 1,000 pieces are an additional GH₵ 0.10 a piece.

We also sell advanced fry, post fingerlings and post juveniles. Prices for the aforementioned depend on age and weight.

Our Terms of Payment and Delivery
1. Customers can make a purchase order by paying 60% of the total amount as a deposit while the additional 40% will be paid upon delivery of the product. Payment will be done in cash or via MTN Mobile Money No. 054 916 2799 or 055 069 9960 using the Invoice Number as a reference (This Invoice Number will be sent to the customer before the payment will be made).
2. All goods will be delivered at an Ex Works base from our Hub Farm in Ekumfi Ekrawfo. This means that the customer is responsible for the transport of the goods to its farm.
3. Cluster farming does not provide transportation for customers and is therefore not responsible for any losses whatsoever during transport, however, we provide technical advice to customers but that does not bind us.
4. We do not provide customers with transport materials and therefore customers are to bring their own material (preferably 25 litre clean gallons).
5. Customers are to pre–order well in time to enable us to get the products available before the delivery dag. These delivery days must be within the working hours from Monday (8am - 4pm) to Saturday (8am - 12noon).
6. Deliveries on Sunday have to be agreed upon and the customer will be charged with an additional cost of GH₵ 100
7. Customers, who for a genuine reason cannot pick up their order, should give Cluster Farming prior notice for appropriate dates to be arranged as Cluster Farming holds the right to transfer the order to other customers and may have to push your order to a reasonable date.
8. All of our offers are informal. All products / goods delivered by us stay our property until full settlement of the agreed payment. Payments are executed in full as per the above mentioned payment terms.

Contact form for orders

After receipt of the fully completed form we will contact you within 2 working days.

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All personal details will be handled confidentially and will only be used within Cluster Farming. The international privacy acts will be followed.