Training and education

We would like to teach people to care for themselves. Proactively, we want to offer these people and their grassroots support. We do this through training and assistance in setting up a business or cooperation with experienced people. We hope that locals can sensibly develop this and that a better economic and social situation will emerge.

PUM teacher at Hub Farm

PUM teacher on Hub Farm

workshop for students

In the future, we hope not only to have an improvement in social and economic development, but also to have more forces bundled to create an effective response to the major challenges Ghana faces to stop a large amount of unemployment on this continent and offering good prospects to new generations remains of great importance.

In Ghana there is a large number of unemployed youth. This number will only increase with more young people entering the work market. Unless there is more employment and better training. There is so much human capital available in this country, but this is not being used at all.

High quality education and training are essential for social development and economic growth. Adequate education in practical and technical skills is the most important challenge for development in Ghana.